Culp Express
Photo courtesy of Angelo Home

Culp Express offers a well-colored and moderately priced line of coordinated upholstery fabrics. With quick delivery, this exciting collection is diverse in style and design, from solids to patterns, Culp Express makes it easy for you to be well positioned in the home furnishings industry.

This wide range of fashion-forward fabrics includes proven winners from Culp’s upholstery line. With a keen eye for color, our designers in High Point, NC develop all of the fabrics in this collection and source them in the United States and China to offer you the best value.

The fabrics included in the Culp Express collection are delivered to you in zero to six weeks and require only a one roll minimum. Our fast, reliable delivery reduces your inventory and helps to create a competitive advantage for you by improving cash flow and reducing obsolescence.

As part of our commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction, we provide the best service in the industry for our Culp Express line. With on-time every time delivery of 98%, we are committed to prompt delivery of quality upholstery fabrics.